There’s an appeal that comes with raw or virgin hair wigs. From the soft texture, to the silky quality, the durability and the fact that they don’t tangle easily makes them in higher demand than the synthetic wigs on the extreme end. Other plusses include the fact that these hair beauties can be styled with ease, not to mention the fact that they really sync with our natural hair and look one and the same with it. However, over time due to the unfortunate fact that natural oils from the scalp can’t impact the wigs as they would our natural hair and these wigs are subjected to excess blow drying, brushing it when wet, using harsh products, and heat styling, the raw or virgin hair wigs lose their soft texture and silky quality and gradually deteriorate. As painful as this is, it can be reversed. Your raw or virgin hair extensions wigs can be made soft and would in turn last longer.


Below is a step by step guide in doing this.

Items needed: Shower cap; Moisturizing shampoo; Natural Oil; Deep conditioner; Moisturizing Conditioner; Scarf; Blow Dryer; Brush; Wide tooth comb; Flat iron or curling iron; Thermal protector spray. All these items will be available for our brand soon.


Step 1: Detangle your wig. All raw or virgin hair wigs that has gone from soft and silky to coarse and stubborn would most likely be riddled with tangles. The first step is to detangle your wig. For this you would need a wide tooth comb and a half glass of water. Sprinkle some water unto the wig and gradually comb it out. To ensure you get all the tangles out, it is recommended you begin from the tip and gradually work your way up to the roots. While on this process, stubborn tangles should not be forcefully brushed out. You don’t want to create a mess, rather carefully untangle it with your fingers.


Step 2: Pre-wash It. Here you will need to condition your hair weave. Apply your natural oil unto it. Natural oils like coconut oil, grape seed oil and extra virgin oil can be effectively utilized. Ensure your oil is applied to the entire length of your wig. If your natural oils aren’t available, you can make use of your moisturizing conditioner. Put on a shower cap and leave it to rest for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Step 3: Properly Wash Your Raw or virgin hair Wigs. This should be done with the aid of a moisturizing shampoo. Your fingers are great tips that can be used to Wash properly between the tracks and ensure the scalp is clean. Lastly, rinse the shampoo off properly.

Step 4: Properly Moisturize Your Wig. Your softening process would be incomplete if this is skipped. Apply your moisturizing conditioner. Begin from the scalp and gradually work if to the tips. The tips should be given extra care. Apply extra conditioner unto it. Let your wig sit for a minimum of two minutes to a maximum of five minutes. Now rinse thoroughly. When rinsing, use your fingers or a comb to feel through for any tangles and carefully undo it.

Step 5: Deep Condition Your Wig. Your deep conditioner should be applied at this point. Leave it in for at least fifteen minutes. Ensure to put on a shower cap. This would showed up the conditioning process by trapping heat. After the specified time, rinse out properly. Untangle and squeeze out the excess water with your fingers. Remember to comb out the wig. Leave it to air dry for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes. When dry, properly moisturize the hair with a moisturizing product and pay special attention to the tips. Apply a small amount of your thermal protector spray to guard your hair while it is styled. Putting your dryer on low heat, you can blow dry your hair. Use a wide tooth comb to speed up the process. Straighten up after with the aid of a brush.


Step 6: Styling Your Wig. Proceed to style your hair. Utilize a flat iron if you desire a straight hair look or a hair curler if you desire waves and curls. It is recommended you begin from the front and work your way to the back till every stand is covered.

Step 7: When Sleeping. On a general note it is advised you don’t sleep too often with your wig on. If, however you must, apply leave in conditioner. Use your finger or a wide tooth comb to smoothen any tangles and wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf. You can alternatively sleep on pillowcases with the same material. The essence of this is to ensure your hair is against something smooth so you don’t have a mess when you wake up.

Summarily, to make your raw or virgin hair vendors stay soft and last long, dampen it in the morning using a water spray bottle. Do this prior to styling. This would reactivate hair products used the previous day and would also ease styling. The above steps are sure to revive your raw or virgin hair lace front wigs, full lace wigs and soften it.


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